Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:      My item has arrived broken. What do I do?
A:     If you suspect that the item you ordered from us is damaged, please do not accept delivery. Ask the driver/postman that it be returned to sender by crossing out your delivery address and writing, in big letters, "RTS" (Return To Sender). Notify us of what's happened and we will take care of the rest by having a replacement item sent out to you once the damaged item is received by us.

If, on the other hand, you accepted delivery and discovered your item to be broken much later, don't stress. The first thing to do is to notify us about the problem, we will then provide you with a special number called a Return Merchandise Authority (RMA) number and further instructions. Repack the damaged product, in its original packaging, together with the original receipt (if you have one) and everything else that came with it and return it back to us using the 'Reply Paid' address we give you. A replacement item will be sent to you once the damaged item is received by us and your pet will be as happy as ever.

Q:      How does the Customer Reward Points program work?
A:     In a nutshell, you will receive 10 points for every $1 you spend. Items labelled "BONUS" will reward you with more points (sometimes twice more). You can accumulate your points (and save for something big) or you can use them upon subsequent visits. The choice is yours. To convert points back into dollars, you will need 250 points to make up $1. Please click here for further information and click on the "Terms & Conditions" tab above to read our Terms & Conditions.

Q:      I bought the wrong item/size. What do I do?
A:     It is important that when selecting the product you want that you do so carefully.  It is also important to measure your pet to ensure proper fit.  We understand that many items look similar and that sizes vary, however, we cannot be held responsible if you make a wrong selection or change your mind.

If you are unsure about anything, we are here to help. Please contact us to ask us questions that will help you make the right choice.

Q:      Can I pay by check?
A:     At this time Pet Gears cannot accept personal checks, bank checks, or money orders.  Please select another payment option.

Q:      I've selected a gift-tag, why cant I include a message?
A:     Gift-tags generally are not very big which means after including the recipients and senders names there generally isn't much room for anything else. However, our Greeting Cards do have the option to include messages if required.

Q:      How do I measure my pet?
A:     The sizing instructions for each item are listed in the description of that item.  Sizing varies amongst products so make sure to refer to the sizing for the exact item you are purchasing.

Q:     Do you offer additional colors/styles?
A:    Only the colors and styles listed are available at this time.